Digital Radiographs & Ultrasounds

Collingwood Veterinary Services utilizes our digital radiography machine on a daily basis to provide high quality diagnostic images. Radiographs are performed when the doctor is conducting an examination for issues such as lameness or painful areas in the body, digestive problems, or heart conditions. Using digital radiographs reduces exposure to radiation for both our furry friends and staff, provides instant results without wait times for developing and produces images that can be enhanced, stored and shared electronically. Ultrasound uses sound waves transmitted into the body to create an image. The images that are created allow the doctor to see the internal architecture and structure of internal organs. Also, the images highlight localized abnormalities within organs that may not be visible on a radiograph. Other benefits include no radiation exposure, allowing real time visualization of what is happening in the body, and assists in obtaining biopsies. Using ultrasound and radiographs together can be a great diagnostic tool. Please feel free to ask the staff if you would like more information.