Theraputic Laser

Your pets are part of your family and you want them to have the best quality of life.   Collingwood Veterinary Services now offers Laser therapy to help achieve that goal. 

Laser therapy is a therapeutic technique that is particularly suitable for treating numerous diseases, including some that pose a considerable challange for the patient and doctor due to their frequency and nature.  This Therapy is non-invasive, painless and can be applied successfully to patients of any age.  Laser Therapy makes it possible to obtain a considerable number of therapeutic benefits.  In fact, the pulse provides combined analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-odema action.  Since it is particularly effective at combating all the processes underlying the problem, it provides a particularly fast solution.  At the same time, its action on the painful symptoms is reinforced by the combined effect.


                          Laser Therapy Treats:


                           Acute & Chronic Pain

                                 Back Injuries

                          Swelling & Inflammation

                                Wound Healing




Benefits of Laser Therapy:

    Non-surgical Treatment

    No Sedation Necessary

         No Side Effects

           Rapid results

    Speeds Healing Process


The doctor and staff hate to see your pet suffer from joint and muscle pain.  Ask us how Laser Therapy may provide a solution to your pet’s muscle and joint pain.